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CartoonIt is inevitable that even in the mountains things can and do change, slower certainly than elsewhere but when they do they often surprise us.

In the 60`s I was doing a lot of rock climbing on gritstone and one of my favourite , and very convenient crags was Dovestones, near Greenfield. It was handy for a mornings climbing before going on the afternoon shift, most of the climbs were within my capability and those above my standard could easily be done with a top rope. Thus I eventually led my first “severe”.  I came to know and  enjoy every one of them.

One morning  in May as a warm up I shinned up an old favourite , I think it was Splintered Buttress but when I got to a nice move round a small pinnacle of rock near the top I sensed that something was wrong, there was no pinnacle any longer  ! We searched the scree below the crag and there it was, a victim of the winter frosts and rain I suppose.

The words of the hymn ,”Change and decay in all around I see” could have been written by a guide book writer  and nowhere more than the Costa Blanca  where even the sturdy kilometer post get up and walk, or so it seems.

As I am no longer living in Spain and sadly  now incapable of enjoying any  mountain walking, I hope that others will let me know of any changes that have occurred since my guide books were published so that they may still be of use for a few years more.

Reference will be by using the Route Numbers in the books ,  other information will be in alphabetical order.

CBMW Vol 1

Book 1

CBMW Vol 2

Book 2


Strolls 2006


Serrella Castle from Castell de Castells C.B.M.W. Vol 1 Route 21 Page 127

The kilometer posts on the road to Fachega  have been reorganized but thankfully the forestry road by which you start the walk is still where I have shown it in the map BUT N0W MARKED BY Km 20. Source… Northey June 03

Pla de la Casa from Fachega. C.B.M.W. Vol 1 Route 18 Page 115

The ascent via the North Face is now reported to be so overgrown  as to be only of interest to masochists.  Sensible people will reverse the descent route  via  Barranco del Moro. Source ..Northey June 03

Bernia Fort and Circuit from Casas de Bernia C.B.M.W. Vol 2 Walk 5 Page 66

Many discerning walkers now prefer to tackle this popular walk in a clockwise direction which has many advantages and makes for safer walking. The route is now way marked as RP7 and the local tourist board have issued a  route map and other information available on www.benissa.net Source.. Gowland 06.03

Almisira via Alto de Chap from Beniarrama C.B.M.W Vol 1 Walk28

A third route for the first section of this walk is now available and waymarked  in green and white.

Use the same parking in Beniarrama and feel free to visit Bar Roca but start by following the road towards the castle ( east) with a restaurant? On the left with the old school on the righthand side. As the road starts to drop take off  right onto a  broad track with the first waymarker. This track becomes a broad concrete road for a short while, leave it for a mozarabic stepped trail. Beware of tracks leading off this well marked trail especially at a cairn where you turn right. The zig zags vary but after 20 minutes become longer and you reach the top of Alto de Chap in a much more civilized manner that the original route.  The track ahead in 10 minutes joins the surfaced road from Pego to Alcala de Joveda about  50 metres west of a road junction. There is a yellow and white marker on a rock where it ends at the road. Follow the road as indicated in original route. Time 50 min approx. Source.. Betty & George Goddard 11.03 


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